At the lake

At the lake

“…Got your book from and had a nice talk with Barbara. The book is a gem and you did well. Your book and the Eric Greiten’s book have changed my whole outlook on life. Thanks to both of you for your inspiring messages…”

“…I would recommend this book to the people who have special needs regardless of their age. I could not put the book down after I started and I am not a reader…”

“…As Kerry states, ” A child with special needs will influence more lives by the time they’re a teenager than most people will in a lifetime.” Prism allows you to see into the hearts and lives of the Boudreaux’s and how God has used not only Kate, but the entire family to bring understanding and hope to those who are blessed to know someone with special needs… which if we’re honest… is each one of us…”

“…An honest, heartwarming, and touching story. Thank you for sharing such personal, and sometimes, humorous stories on how much Kate has enriched each of your lives. Very special indeed!…”

“…just finished. Thought provoking. Really a great book. You are a wonderful writer and a deep thinker…”

“…Finished reading your beautiful book! Thank you for sharing with us! I laughed out loud and I cried at parts. I love it!…”

“… Thanks for writing the book. It was a “good read.” I like how you approach people in terms of identifying their feelings and owning them, positive or negative. I think it is a good way to reach people. When you start where they are at in an accepting way, you can help them get to hope, to inspiration. Shaming people for how they feel never, ever works . . . but you know that!…”

…”I just finished the book and loved it! As someone who loves you, Karen, and the girls, I felt as though I were walking down memory lane. I enjoyed the insights from family members and Kate’s teacher. I especially liked the picture of Karen and the girls on the deck. As an educator, it opened my eyes to be able to better work with children with special needs. Thanks for an awesome book!…”